Power Selling

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Power Selling

No matter what product or service you represent, there are powerful strategies that will help you become a top-producing sales person. Gain a better understanding of the importance of the sales function and learn new skills in relationship management, prospecting, customer management, and delivering a compelling sales presentation. Move yourself or your sales team to increased success.

Unit 1: Sales and Relationship Management         

  • Describe career opportunities in sales         
  • Discuss the role of sales in business         
  • Demonstrate elements of successful selling

Unit 2: Prospecting and Customer Management         

  • Establish product strategy         
  • Illustrate and integrate customer strategy into sales strategy         
  • Target market segmentation, database marketing, customer decision-making

Unit 3: Product/Service Features and Benefits         

  • Differences between features and benefits         
  • Product differentiation and product placement         
  • Perception 

Unit 4: The Sales Presentation         

  • Plan, customize and conduct a sales presentation         
  • Handling objections; opening and closing techniques         
  • Servicing a sale and the use of negotiation