Gender In The Classroom For Parents

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Gender in the Classroom for Parents

Help your son or daughter learn more, and succeed more, in school. Discover why girls waste 30% of their study time, why boys get worse grades than girls, why boys do less homework than girls, and the 5 learning habits girls get in school that hurts them in the workplace. Discover how males and females learn differently. Take away tips for helping your daughter and/or son learn more, and tips to help him and/or her succeed more in school. You’ll also discover something new about how you learn too! Get info not available anywhere else.


Unit 1

  • The Brain and Gender Differences

  • The brain and learning

  • The female brain

  • The male brain

  • Summary of neurological and hormonal differences

Unit 2

  • Helping Girls Learn More

  • How girls learn

  • Classroom techniques and activities that help girls learn

  • Helping girls with spatial skills and STEM

  • The 10 strategies for helping girls learn more

Unit 3

  • Helping Boys Learn More

  • How boys learn

  • Classroom techniques and activities that help boys learn

  • Helping boys with language skills

  • The 10 strategies for helping boys learn more

Unit 4

  • Helping Both Girls and Boys Succeed More

  • Helping girls succeed in the workplace

  • Helping boys succeed with college

  • Grading learning and knowledge

  • Gender neutral grading

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