Powerful Presentations And Effective Speaking Techniques

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Powerful Presentations and Effective Speaking Techniques

Nearly every job or business has an element of speaking, presentations, or sales.  This course will allow you to master all three and accelerate your success in every aspect of your career. Learn everything from voice and speech basics like proper breathing, diction and enunciation, all the way to specific presentation templates and techniques that will allow you to deliver your presentations with ease and confidence. From the board-room, to the class-room, to speaking for thousands of people, there are several critical factors that every speaker must master. You will learn how to effectively deliver a presentation to one person across the table, in front of a small group in a boardroom, from on-stage for a large audience, and host tele-seminars or webinars online.


Unit 1: Getting Started Right
-Specific strategies to calm your nerves and overcome the fear of speaking.
-Master the critical, first five minutes of every presentation.
-How to create thought provoking questions to enroll your audience.
-The power of speaking in benefits.  Learning the WIIFM (“what’s in it for me”) for your audience.
-How to tailor each presentation for different audiences.


Unit 2: Correct Vocal Production & Vocal Health
-Vocal production:  correct breathing, grounding, and voice basics.
-Vocal exercises for diction, resonance, and vocal placement.
-Vocal health, to speak correctly, and never lose your voice.
-Grounding and centering before every presentation.


Unit 3: Advanced Presentation Techniques
-Effective story-telling.
-Keeping your audience active and engaged throughout your entire presentation.
-The importance of “state changes”, especially during longer presentations or trainings.
-How to use accelerated learning techniques.


Unit 4: Putting it All Together
-How to create a specific structure for every presentation.
-How to apply all these techniques across different mediums.
-How to successfully conclude your presentation and lead your audience to the next step.

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