Onboarding New Employees

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Onboarding New Employees

Ensure a smooth transition from best candidate to star employee. Onboarding is the process of socializing new employees into the organization.  Onboarding of employees begins well before traditional new-hire orientation and has long reaching implications.  At the conclusion of the class you will have constructed an Onboarding Program for use in your own organization.


Unit 1: Introduction to Onboarding

-What is Onboarding?

-The Social Model.

-Organizational implications.

-Roles of employees and management.

Unit 2: Onboarding During Recruitment

-The company culture.

-Socializing prior to day one.

-Public relations, social media and other trends.

-Selecting for culture fit.

Unit 3: Onboarding After Recruitment

-Taking it from orientation to onboarding.

-Discussion of different orientation processes.


-The role of feedback and ongoing evaluation.

Unit 4: Onboarding for Success

-Information: What to include and when to include it.

-Helping new hires to match their strengths to the organization.

-Organizational identity versus personal identity in socialization.

-Onboarding at your own organization.

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