How To Setup, Protect, And Maintain Your Windows 8 Pc

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How to Setup, Protect, and Maintain Your Windows 8 PC

Ever wonder how some people never seem to have any issues with their Windows PC? Learn the magic formula from an IT professional. You will be guided through installing and setting up your PC with the latest Windows 8 Operating System and desired software. Learn the minimum hardware requirements for today’s software and operating systems and how to choose the right hardware configuration if you need to make a new purchase. Install the Windows Operating System from “bare metal”, protect and secure your PC, and keep it all running smoothly for the life of the equipment.


Unit 1: Hardware--The Foundation of a Well-Built System

-Memory, CPU, and hard drive – what are they and what role do each of these play?

-Is it better to purchase something new or upgrade what I have?

-What to look for in a new system to get the most for your money.

-BIOS or UEFI – What are these and why the right choice is important?

-Warranty and tech support – stuff happens.


Unit 2: Installation of the Windows Operating System and Applications

-The manufacturer installed the Operating System.  Why do I want to install from scratch?

-What version of Windows 8 is right for you?

-Partitioning your hard drive – why is separating the system from applications important?

-Under the hood settings for a properly running Operating System.

-Installing applications – what are the best practices and how to avoid pitfalls.


Unit 3: 50,000 Reasons a Day to Protect your PC

-What is malware, why is it on my system, and how did this happen?

-Is the anti-malware solution from the manufacturer the best solution?

-Email and the internet – how bad guys use these two things to infiltrate your fortress

-How to scan for malware and remove the threats.

-Everything has gone wrong – getting it all back to normal.


Unit 4: Water and Feed: Maintaining your PC and Protecting your Investment

-Windows Updates – what are these, why should I care, how often does Microsoft release them, and when should I apply them?

-Drivers – what are these and why should I keep these up to date?

-Application updates – how to make sure you’re using the latest version of your applications and why this is important.

-Keeping your system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible by developing good, routinely executed maintenance habits.

-Backup and recovery – implementing a good backup solution for those unexpected “uh oh” moments.

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