Law For Non Lawyers

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Law for Non Lawyers

You can improve your value to your organization and serve your organization better by recognizing some of the legal issues that work organizations face on a regular basis. For non-lawyers in a variety of work environments, you will find out what you should know and when to consult a lawyer. After completing this course, you will better understand legal issues in the workplace, know when your organization needs to consult a lawyer, have the knowledge to better serve your organization, and work with lawyers.


Unit 1: Understanding Legal Documents.
-Common legal terms.
-Why lawyers write the way they do.
-Overview of regulations and how to find them.
-Contracts, when they generally happen.

Unit 2: Do I need a lawyer?
-What types of things can I handle myself?
-Copyrights, business formations, claims.
-Non-lawyer document preparation.
-Lawyer fee structures.

Unit 3: Intellectual property. 
-What’s in a name? Copyright and trademark issues.
-Trade secrets and non-disclosure agreements.
-Covenants to not compete.

Unit 4: When Mistakes Happen.
-What kind of exposure am I looking at?
-Criminal laws, personal injury.
-Product liability an copyright infringement.
-What to expect in a courtroom.

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