Foundations Of Supply Chain Management

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Foundations of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is on the radar for C-Level executives as both a competitive threat and opportunity.  Do you have a strategy for your supply chain?  Is it aligned?  Do you know and understand the decisions and tradeoffs you have to make?  If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to attend this program.  Upon completion of this course you will not only understand the above, you will have a completed plan created for your own supply chain.


Unit 1: Creating Your Supply Chain Strategy

- Supply chain decisions related to Supply Chain Strategy 

- Research on topic of supply chain strategy

- Play The Fresh Connection Simulation

- Debrief your results

- Create a supply chain strategy for your work, get feedback from your colleagues and submit your findings for grading


Unit 2: Mapping Your Supply Chain

- Supply chain alignment of decisions 

- Research on topic of supply chain decision alignment

- Play The Fresh Connection Simulation

- Debrief your results

- Create a map for your work on what aligned decisions would look like back at work for your recommended strategy


Unit 3: Collaboration in a Customer Focused Process

- Collaboration in a customer focused process

- Research on topics of supply chain collaboration and supply chain customer focus

- Play The Fresh Connection Simulation

- Create a process flowchart to be followed back at your work for collaboration and customer focus when making supply chain decision.  

Unit 4: Tradeoffs and the Supply Chain

- Read related content on tradeoffs

- Research on topics of tradeoffs and the supply chain

- Play The Fresh Connection Simulation

- Create a job aid for your work identifying its tradeoffs, the implications and impact, and the decision to be made.  

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