Productivity & Time Management Certificate

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Productivity & Time Management Certificate

Maximizing  productivity and the use of time is the primary way to increase  profitability and organizational success for a growing number of people  and their organizations. Successful businesses and work organizations  are moving from counting hours sitting in a chair to outcomes and  results.


Boost  your productivity by managing your time better. Discover the Top Ten  most effective time management techniques to increase your work outcomes  without spending more time. Take home new 21st century techniques and  strategies.  Then find out about the exciting Productivity eTools that  are available now, and utilize technology to boost your productivity.   Finally, get the latest best information on documenting your own productivity, and managing the productivity of others.


New 21st Century Strategies for Productivity and Time Management
Time is even more valuable in this century than in the last. How  effective you manage your time and productivity can affect your business  and personal life in so many ways. You’ll get tips and techniques you  won’t get anywhere else for managing time and increasing productivity.  Whether you are managing your own time, or others’ time, come away with  proven tips to put into practice on Monday morning.

Productivity eTools: Be Organized and Get Stuff Done
Find out the top 40 favorite applications and eTools of productive  workers. Get the latest tools, sites, iPhone and iPad applications to  turbo-charge your work and simplify your life.  Then  discover how to select the right tools for your needs, evaluate your productivity system and develop a framework that gets things done. Learn  about different new productivity tools each week, while also blending  an evaluation of your own productivity needs. After completing this  course you will work more efficiently and uncover more time in your day.

Managing Productivity
Whether you are measuring and documenting your own productivity, or  managing the productivity of others.  acquire the four new management  systems and procedures to maximize productivity in your work  organization. Move your skill set from the last century’s system of  managing time to this century’s managing of productivity.

With a growing number of people in the workforce working remotely,  only these four new management systems allow you to successfully both  office or on-site workers and those working from a distance, including  home.  After completing this course, you will have a new set of management  skills to manage both your own productivity and that of others in the  new work environment of this century.