Advanced Web Design

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Advanced Web Design

Acquire advanced techniques in web design. Upon completion of this course, you will have a thorough knowledge of web design and development. Topics include the responsive design process, advanced layout and design features using the Bootstrap framework, exploration of CMS frameworks and industry standard technologies and frameworks.




Unit 1

Building Responsive Web Pages

•        Introduction to Responsive Page Design

•        Making Images & Media Flexible

•        Designing Flexible Layouts

•        Media Queries

•        A Responsive Web Page Design Strategy


Unit 2
Bootstrap Framework

•        What is Bootstrap

•        Bootstrap Templates

 Unit 3
Content Management Systems CMS

•        What is CMS

•        What are the different frameworks?

•        Security issues


Unit 4
Industry Standard Technologies & Frameworks

•        What they are

•        What they’re for

•        Where to go to learn more about them