Identity Theft

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Identity Theft

Identity theft continues to grow. Now more than 50 percent of identity theft occurs in the workplace. Learn to addresses both private and workplace concerns. You will receive information about the basic, common sense steps necessary to protect your identity and assets. Then develop comprehensive expertise in how to deter data theft, detect fraud, and minimize the impact of any damage inflicted.


Unit 1: Personal Identity Security
Section 1. a: Awareness
•    The truth about identity theft
•    Various types of identity theft & fraud
•    The real impact of identity fraud
•    How & where identity theft happens
Section 1.b: Behaviors
•    Improve your identity theft & fraud IQ
•    Protect personal identifiable info (PII)
•    Use different complex passwords
•    Monitor accounts for irregularities
Section 1.c: Controls
•    Recognize, access, & organize your PII
•    Safeguarding your personal digital data
•    Take your privacy and security seriously
                         …your lifestyle is at stake.

Unit 2: Workplace Culture of Security

Section 2.a: Awareness
•    Any organization with data is at risk
•    The cybersecurity threat landscape
•    What is sensitive company data
•    Workplace privacy & security
Section 2.b: Behaviors
•    Practice email, internet, & BYOD safety
•    Check and observe social media policy
•    Detect & deter data & identity theft
•    Report suspicious behaviors & issues
Section 2.c: Controls
•    Adhere to workplace security policies
•    Learn access control responsibilities
•    Take company data security seriously
                 …your livelihood is at stake

Unit 3: Personal Identity Action Plan

Template and Discussion

Unit 4: Workplace Identity Action Plan

Template and Discussion