Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Certificate

The Continuing Education department, in partnership with the Center of Excellence for Global Trade & Supply Chain Management and Business Department, is now offering the Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Certificate. It is an online certificate program that focuses on the fundamental aspects of the supply/value chain, including methods to improve how organizations find the materials and services needed to make a product or service and deliver it to customers. Supply chain management encompasses the management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, production, logistics and customer relations. It also includes the crucial components of coordination and collaboration with channel partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers.

Program Requirements
BUSN 188: Importing & Exporting
Fall and Spring

BUSN 105: Introduction to Logistics
Winter and Summer
BUSN 182*: Contract Management

BUSN 183*: Materials Management
BUSN 275: Introduction to Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Total Credits: 23

*Note: Course numbers 182 and 183 were formerly 185 and 186.

When can I start?

Students can begin the program any quarter.

How do I register?

Step 1 

Step 2

  • Once you have completed the Application for Admission and received your Student ID Number (SID), please activate your myHighline account

Step 3

  • Once your myHighline account is activated, visit Highline’s Registration Website or call the Continuing Education department at 206-592-3785 to begin your registration process.

Funding Eligibility (optional):

The Workforce Education Service (WES) department at Highline College can provide tuition assistance and support services for some CE short-term certificates and professional/technical AAS programs if a student meets funding and program eligibility criteria. Please visit Start Next Quarter to see if you pre-qualify for an invitation to attend Highline’s free education planning workshop through the WES department. If invited, it will be determined at the workshop whether you are eligible for funding. For general information, please visit Workforce Education Service online or call 206-592-3802. 

Many companies offer generous reimbursement and some even pay up front for your tuition. Please contact your HR department for more information about your company’s unique reimbursement plan.


Two people reviewing shipping papers

  • Online classes are designed for the busy working adult.
  • The courses can be accessed 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • You can learn from anywhere and avoid schedule conflicts.

Career Opportunities

The demand for skilled and knowledgeable professionals continues to grow in business organizations and government agencies. Entry-level annual salaries typically range from $30,000 to 45,000. Potential employers include: Manufacturing and Construction Companies, Retail Stores, Educational Institutions, Government Agencies (federal, state, counties, and cities), Public Utilities, Wholesale, Services and Distribution Firms.

What other pathways are available once I have completed my certificate? 

All credits earned in the Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Certificate will transfer to Highline’s AAS in International Business and Trade and our BAS in Global Trade and Logistics. Students can also transfer credits to Shoreline Community College’s Purchasing and Supply Chain Management AAAS program.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the skills necessary to collaborate across the organization, understand and support the organization’s policies, and adapt to the ever changing work environment.
  • Utilize supply chain concepts and vocabulary related to sourcing, quality, transportation, storage, and negotiation strategies to effectively procure, move and store goods and services.
  • Apply mathematical concepts to conduct priceā€cost analyses.
  • Apply principles of materials and contract management.
  • Effectively communicate both verbally and in writing within a variety of business environments.
  • Apply principles of materials and supply chain management.
  • Establish and maintain systems to track, control, and protect materials and information.

Course Descriptions and Outlines

BUSN 182 - Contract Management

This course introduces students to the contract planning process, development, management and legal issues related to business agreements are examined. With an emphasis on contract development, pricing arrangements, & the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), students will learn about solicitation documents, contract clauses, evaluation and award criteria.

Course Outline

Contract Planning Process
Contract Management
Legal Issues Related to Business Agreements
Pricing Arrangements
The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
Creation of Solicitation Documents
Contract Clauses
Contract Valuation
Award Criteria

BUSN 183 – Materials Management

This course familiarizes students with a critical examination of materials management principles, concepts and activities.

Course Outline

Overview of Materials Management
Inventory Control
Production Control
Disposal of Surplus

BUSN 275 – Introduction to Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

This course introduces students to management fundamentals related to the basic principles of purchasing and supply chain management.

Course Outline

Management Fundamentals
Purchasing and Supply Process
Organizational Concepts
Tools and Techniques
Cost & Price Analysis
Value Analysis

BUSN 188 - Importing and Exporting 

The history and importance of importing and exporting to global business . This course is a skill building course for those new to international trade which includes the logistics of importing and exporting, international transportation and customs procedures, major concepts and terminology. After completion of the course, students have the option of sitting for the IIEI Certified Exporter Exam.

Course Outline

Import/Export History
Importance of Trade
Source of Supply and/or International Customers
International Market Research
Import-Export Terminology
International Banking
Modes of Transportation
Customs Broker & Freight Forwarders
International Pricing
Claims & Damages

BUSN 105 - Introduction to Logistics 

Study of the functions and characteristics of transportation companies, air, railroad, sea, truck carriers; advantages and limitations of each form of transportation; major aspects of international transportation, import and export; the role of these transportation companies to the U.S. and world economies; domestic and international cargo documentation including classification, pricing and settlement methods, tariffs and regulations, payment options, Incoterms and laws and regulations; geography; and exploration of employment and career opportunities.

Course Outline

Cargo Classification
Terms of Sale
Tariff Rules
Tariff Calculations
Terms of Payment
Trade Regulation
Insurance and Claims


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