Welcome to the Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC) Training Program

About the Program


One of the key components of Highline's Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC) Program is the clinical experience. Students will complete 10 hours of in class lab time and 40 hours of clinical time. During the clinical, students apply theory learned in the classroom to practice in a clinical setting, which results in 50 hours of "hands-on" experience. Clinical placements are at a local skilled nursing facilities, Judson Park. Times will vary depending on availability at the facility.


  • Clinical sites will accept placement of only those students who are insured against malpractice liability for actions or in-actions occurring in the clinical setting.   
  • Students participating in the clinical education program will be  covered either by a student medical malpractice policy offered  through the College, or acquired by the student through another  source.  
  • The limits of such coverage shall be, at a minimum, $1,000,000 per occurrence.  
  • Certificates of such coverage purchased by the student will be provided to the clinical site upon request. Should any student lack adequate proof of insurance, the clinical site can refuse to accept the student for placement.
  • The clinical site will perform an independent background check on all NAC students.  The clinical site reserves the right to prohibit any student from participating in clinicals.

Certificate of Completion

In order to be eligible for state certification exam, you  must have completed and passed (with an 80% score) the Nursing Assistant Certified Training Program class at Highline College.  For more information about certification, check the website at: Pearson Vue.

Funding Assistance
The Nursing Assistant Certified Training Program does not qualify for traditional Financial Aid. Students can use other funding sources to pay for the class if eligible. Non-Highline funding sources may be eligible for the $784.00 self-pay fee (those wanting college credit must pay $999.48). Highline related funding sources must pay $999.48. Some of the potential funding sources are:

Workforce Education Services (WES) – Highline Campus Map: Building 1

Phone: (206) 592-3802 (Workforce Website)

Women’s Programs and WorkFirst ServicesHighline Campus Map: Building 6 

Phone: (206) 592-3340 (Womens/WorkFirst Program Website)

Application Steps

Below are the application steps for the NAC program:

  • Complete the attached Nursing Assistant Certified application.
  • Provide evidence of a clean Washington State Patrol criminal background check.
  • Provide evidence of a negative Tuberculosis (TB) reading (within the past year) or current x-ray/symptom check (within the past 2 years).
  • All application materials should be submitted to the Continuing Education office in building 99, room 101 (map).  Incomplete or illegible applications will not be considered.  A reading/math assessment will be administered upon application submission.
  • Provide payment in full for the course.  If you are receiving funding, you will be required to submit a letter or email from the funding source stating you have been approved for tuition assistance.


All application materials (must be completed upon submission). Please bring the completed application packet  to:

Continuing Education Department

Bldg 99, Suite 101

23835 Pacific Hwy S.

Kent, WA 98032

(206) 870-3785


Criminal Background Check

Students cannot enter the Nursing Assistant Certified Training Program without providing a clean Washington State Patrol background check. If you have questions about the types of convictions that would exclude you from the program, call Washington State Patrol customer service at (360)705-5100 or check the list online at click here. Clinical sites will perform an additional national background check that includes any previous addresses within the last 3 years. Failure to pass this additional background check will prevent you from completing the program.

To obtain your Washington State Criminal Background Profile go to the Washington State Patrol website to request a Criminal History report. Print your results. The cost is $12.00 (price may vary) payable online (requires a credit card).

State Testing Information

Highline College’s Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC) Training Program is now an approved In-Facility Testing Site. Students who have successfully completed Highline College’s NAC program will be required to take the Washington State Nurse Aide Exam at Highline College. If you pass the test successfully, you will be considered “certified”.

The cost of the Washington State Nurse Aide Exam is $110, which is included in the tuition price. Students will receive a voucher code from Highline College Continuing Education to pay for the first attempt of their exam.

We will also assist students with The Department of Health Nursing Assistant registration. The cost of the WA DOH license application is $65, which is included in the tuition price. Paperwork and payment will be mailed by Continuing Education and processed by WA DOH. This registry will allow employers to verify Nursing Assistant credentials.

**The instructor will discuss this process during week three of class.

Available Course(s)

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