NAC/CNA Program

The NAC/CNA Program is still currently accepting online applications. 

Click on the "Application Here" below for the session you would like to register for. 

Complete the form and email the application along with a copy of your TB test to  

COVID-19 Update

Classroom Theory

Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic the classroom theory portion of the course (3 weeks) will be held online. Class will meet each week at the given times via the Zoom platform, the students who have been accepted into the program will be sent a link the week before class begins. Students are required to turn on their camera while they are on each Zoom class session.

The CPR portion of the class will be held on campus while practicing social distancing. Only a limited number of students are allowed on campus therefore, CPR portion will be scheduled with the instructor.


Clinicals--Temporarily Suspended

Clinicals have been termporarily suspended due to COVID-19. We are working very closely with our current clinical site for a return date however they are not in a position to allow students to return as regulated by Dept of Health guidelines. 

Clinicals Alternative--Nursing Assistant-Registered

***Optional for Students***

DOH is encouraging students to work as Nursing Assistants-Registered (NARs) while in the training program. Application to become an NAR cost $85 (not covered in the cost of tuition) and generally takes 5-7 days for approval from DOH. Once approved students can work up to 120 days before a CNA license is required. Hours worked can count towards the required 40 hours of clinicals.  Your NAC instructor, Maggie LaBorn, will assist interested students with this process.

After students complete both required sections (Theory and Clinical/NAR hours), once state testing resumes students will meet with the instructor to schedule testing dates. 

We are telecommuting and are still here to assist you with any questions you may have. If you have questions, please email or call 206-870-3785.  Thank you---CE Staff. 

Why register for Highline's Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC/CNA) program?  

  • An intense 4-week program that prepares students to take the Washington State licensure exam. If successfully completed you will receive an NAC Certificate of Completion.
  • Over half of our students qualify for funding (see below for more details).
  • We are an approved testing site. You have the option to take the state test in a classroom space that you are already familiar and comfortable in.
  • We now have a brand new, state-of-the-art, Allied Health Academy building where the NAC lab is located.
  • While Highline College does not provide job placement, our Career and Student Employment department offers assistance with career exploration, job searches, on-campus employment, resume writing, career events and more.
  • Becoming a certified NAC/CNA is a great entry-level position into the medical field.  According to Emsi labor market analytics, the average hourly wage for a starting certified NAC/CNA position in the King County area is between $16-$19 an hour.

Why is Jessie taking Highline's NAC/CNA program?

Fall Session 2
Winter Session 1 
Fall Session 2:
Winter Session 1:
 Application Here
Application Deadlines:
-WES Funded Students: Monday October  26th

TANF/WorkFirst Students: Call 206-592-3340
-Self-Pay Students: Thursday October 29th
Application Deadlines:
-WES Funded Students: Monday December 28th

TANF/WorkFirst Students: Call 206-592-3340
-Self-Pay Students: Wednesday December 30th 

Classroom Theory
Classroom Theory

Class Dates:
 November 2nd - November 19th
Class Time: 4P - 9:30p 

Class Dates: 
January 4th - January 22nd 
Class Time: 8A - 1:30p 

Onsite Clinical
Onsite Clinical

(10 students go the 1st week/10 students go the 2nd week)
Clinical Dates: November 30th - December 4th (Mon-Fri)
Clinical Time: 2:00pm-10:30pm 
Clinical Dates: December 7th - December 11th  (Mon-Fri)
Clinical Time: 2:00pm-10:30pm 

(10 students go the 1st week/10 students go the 2nd week)
Clinical Dates: January 25th - Janary 29th  (Mon-Fri)
Clinical Time: 6:00am-2:30pm 
Clinical Dates: February 1st - February 5th  (Mon-Fri)
Clinical Time: 6:00am-2:30pm 

Enrollment Options
Option #1
Option #2
Option #3
Tuition: $590.00
Tuition: $799.00
Tuition: $999.46*
  • Non-Credit 

  • Certificate of Completion

  • No State Test Fees

  • Non-Credit
  • Certificate of Completion 

  • Includes State Testing Fees
  • Certificate of Completion

  • 7 College Credits 
*tuition price may vary based on Admission status

  • Includes State Testing Fees
Additional Fees Include:

Additional Fees Include:
Additional Fees Include:

  • $59.00 for medical & liability insurance, nursing supply fee, and building fee.

  • $59.00 for medical & liability insurance, nursing supply fee, and building fee.

  • $59.00 for medical & liability insurance, nursing supply fee, processing fee and building fee. Additional processing fee of $19.17 will be assessed.

Ideal for students entering the workforce, or applying to a Nursing Program

Ideal for students entering the workforce or wanting to obtain a job working in this field 
Ideal for students who need the elective college credits and/or for students who are receiving funding assistance 
Estimated Total:
Estimated Total:
Estimated Total:

Funding Assistance

The NAC/CNA Certificate Training Program does not qualify for traditional Financial Aid. Review the attachment Funding Steps for step-by-step instructions to see if you qualify for funding.  It is quick and easy.  Doesn't matter if you are already working, you may still qualify.

Workforce Education Services (WES)  (Building 1)-- (206) 592-3802

Women’s Programs and WorkFirst Services – (Building 6)-- (206) 592-3340 

Certificate of Completion

In order to be eligible for state certification exam, you  must have completed and passed (with an 80% score) the NAC/CNA Certificate Training Program class at Highline College. For more information about certification, check the website at: Pearson Vue.

Why is Julienne taking Highline's  NAC/CNA program?


One of the key components of Highline's NAC/CNA Training Program is the clinical experience. Students will complete 10 hours of in class lab time and 40 hours of clinical time. During the clinical, students apply theory learned in the classroom to practice in a clinical setting, which results in 50 hours of "hands-on" experience.  Our current clinical location is held at Judson Park, just minutes away from Highline College.


  • Clinical sites will accept placement of only those students who are insured against malpractice liability for actions or in-actions occurring in the clinical setting.   
  • Students participating in the clinical education program will be  covered either by a student medical malpractice policy offered  through the College, or acquired by the student through another  source.  
  • The limits of such coverage shall be, at a minimum, $1,000,000 per occurrence.  
  • Certificates of such coverage purchased by the student will be provided to the clinical site upon request. Should any student lack adequate proof of insurance, the clinical site can refuse to accept the student for placement.
  • The clinical site will perform an independent background check on all students.  The clinical site reserves the right to prohibit any student from participating in clinicals.

Application Steps

Below are the application steps for the NAC/CNA program:

  • Complete the attached NAC/CNA application.
  • Provide evidence of a negative Tuberculosis (TB) reading (within the past year) or current x-ray/symptom check (within the past 2 years).
  • All application materials must be submitted to the Continuing Education office in Building 99, room 101 Incomplete or illegible applications will not be considered.  A reading/math assessment will be administered upon application submission.
  • Provide payment in full for the course.  If you are receiving funding, you will be required to submit a letter or email from the funding source stating you have been approved for tuition assistance.

picture of happy nac students.

Criminal Background Check

If you have questions about the types of convictions that would exclude you from the program, call Washington State Patrol customer service at (360) 705-5100 or check the list online at click here. Clinical sites will perform an national background check that includes any previous addresses within the last 3 years. 

State Testing Information

NAC Lab beds

Highline College’s NAC/CNA Certificate Training Program is now an approved In-Facility Testing Site. Students who choose the enrollment option with state test and DOH application fees will be eligible to take the Washington State Nurse Aide Exam at Highline College. If you pass the test successfully, you will be considered “certified”.  The instructor will discuss this process during week three of class.  As of 02/18/2020, current prices are: $85 DOH Application; $124 State Testing.

Additional Fees & Required Supplies:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the only supplies required is the textbook.  Parking pass is not required unless classes resume at the college campus.

  • Immunizations: TB testing (within the past year) or current chest x-ray/symptom check (within the past 2 years) must be turned in with application packet.
  • Parking Permit: $2.00 daily parking passes.  **Must be purchased daily.  Purchases can be made at the parking pay stations located in the south and east parking lots.  For more information, please visit the Public Safety website.
  • Required Supplies:  NAC Supplies List

Meet the Instructor

Picture of Maggie the instructor

Ms. Maggie (Maggie LaBorn) has been teaching the NAC/CNA program at Highline College for over 7 years.  She worked in long-term care as a charge nurse, staff development, admission coordinator, and marketing director. Enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling, and winning her fantasy football league. 

Potential Career Pathways

Medical Billing and Coding

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Pharmacy Technician

  • Extended CNA Trainings

Medication Aide

EKG Technician


Dialysis Technician

Available Course(s)

Action Course ID Item # Course Name Instructor Room Number Dates Time Days