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view Business Facebook for Business Improve your marketing of your Facebook business page.
view Business Strategic Selling with Social Media Learn to leverage powerful social media sales solutions designed to save you time and money.
view Business Communication Introduction to Game Design This course provides a general introduction to what goes into the design and development of both video and analog games, with a particular focus on the use of games outside of consumer entertainment.
view Career Skills Advanced Web Design Learn advanced techniques in web design and development.
view Career Skills Coding Certificate Begin by getting introduced to the basics of computer programming and various programming languages. Then go to the next level and acquire all the basics of HTML and CSS.
view Career Skills Introduction to Coding Learn the basics of computer programming and various programming languages.
view Career Skills Mastering Computer Skills for the Workplace Must-have skills to succeed in the workplace include the ability to create, edit, and manage presentations in MS PowerPoint, documents in MS Word, emails, calendars in MS Outlook, and spreadsheets in MS Excel.
view Career Skills Mastering Microsoft Excel A must-have skill to succeed in business, whether an entrepreneur or a valued employee, is the ability to create, edit, and manage spreadsheets.
view New Media Marketing Google Analytics This course, aimed at non-technical users, will take you through all the key techniques and how to use website analytics using the world-standard Google Analytics, a free online tool.
view New Media Marketing Mastering Video Marketing Certificate Shoppers who viewed product videos were 144% more likely to add the product to their cart.
view New Media Marketing Podcasting Learn how to take your business or hobby and turn it into a podcast.
view New Media Marketing WordPress Certificate Learn how to build your own website and more
view Professional Development Graphic Design Software Essentials Certificate The Adobe software tools are the leading software for graphic design.
view Social Media for Business Instagram for Business With over 100 million users, Instagram is a marketing gold mine. Make the most of Instagram and lead your business to unending exposure.
view Social Media for Business Social Media for Business Certificate Get in on this exciting and growing way to communicate, market, and serve your customers and clients.
view Training and Education SQL Certificate Structured Query Language (SQL) is the industry standard database programming language. It is one of the most in demand skills in occupations that require interaction with data and analyzing data.