HOST 166: Global Excellence in Customer Service

*Spring Quarter (B904); Item 8866*

2 Saturdays: May 30th and June 6th

10:00a-2:10p, Location: 99-130

Customer service is not solely the act of receiving something physical in a monetary exchange; there is also an industry built around the act of providing service to others. Your customers may not even be purchasing an item. Customer service is actually a complex process of ensuring others are satisfied with a product. Sometimes soft skills, or even ourselves, are the product. This course will introduce the complexities of customer service provision in a holistic manner while maintaining a focus on the individual. An understanding of customer service as ‘the building of a real and meaningful connection between ourselves and others’ will be reached during the tenure of this course.

***Cost: This is a 1-credit college course. Tuition is based on the Washington State Legislature and is subject to change.  Estimated cost for the course is $132.76 (dependent on your admissions application).


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  • For new and returning Highline students, you can register by visiting Highline’s Registration Website or call the Continuing Education department at 206-592-3785 to begin your registration process.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Learners will define key elements of communication that can be leveraged as tools of effective customer service provision including wow factors, moments of truth, networking, communication, listening, and more.
  • Learners will implement customer service tools such as listening, providing feedback, assertiveness, empowerment, communication (e.g. verbal, non-verbal), and conflict resolution in customer service settings.
  • Learners will outline best practices in mentor/mentee relationships including networking.
  • Learners will deconstruct individualized personality test results (e.g. Big Five, Myers-Briggs) for the purpose of comprehending how to best leverage their personality traits.
  • Learners will interpret how shibboleth traits contribute to cross-cultural communications.


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