Food and Beverage Operations Certificate

Do you enjoy working in professional fast-paced environments where food, beverage, and business skills are integral to your success? Perhaps a career in the food and beverage industries are for you!

Learning Outcomes

  1. Utilize the fundamental vocabulary and operating principles of the hospitality/tourism industry.
  2. Conduct themselves in accordance to professional ethics and values of the hospitality/tourism industry.
  3. Explain and employ principles of professionalism and best practices relevant to hospitality/tourism industry.
  4. Communicate effectively through listening, speaking and writing to diverse audiences in the hospitality/tourism industry.
  5. Identify suitable employment opportunities by matching personal and professional interests and abilities with positions within the hospitality/tourism profession.
  6. Explain the importance of professionals in the hospitality/tourism industry keeping current with news and emerging trends through conference/tradeshows, professional literature, electronic sources, etc.

Core Course

  • HOST 129 - Menu Design
    • Choose between online and in-person offering
  • HOST 130 - Food and Beverage Operations
    • Choose between online and in-person offering
  • HOST 276 - Beverage Management
  • HOST 164 - Customer Service Operations
    • Choose between online and in-person offering

Available Course(s)

Action Course ID Item # Course Name Instructor Room Number Dates Time Days