Essential Oils Certificate

Industry expert, Jimm Harrison, is now offering a completely Online Essential Oils Certificate through Highline College Continuing Education! Essential Oils For Holistic Health and Clinical Aromatherapy is designed to move beyond common definitions where the student will gain a comprehensive understanding of essential oil compounds, holistic properties, interactions with body systems, the sense of smell, and the biological emergent effects. The course will introduce the 3 Sectors of Holistic Essential Oil Therapy, a concept explaining the key functions of essential oils through the combined effects of olfaction, pharmacology and metaphysical principles.

The series has 7 Lessons, approximately 12 hours each. Each module contains video instruction, webinars, recorded classroom lecture, reading, writing assignments, exams, demonstrations for hands-on blending and formulating practice, group discussion, student interaction and blending assignments.

Sign up for the entire series using item number 9900 for $1999.00 and save $444.00 compared to taking each module separately!


  • Essential Oils Supply Kit - Must be bought separately and not included in the price of tuition
  • "Aromatherapy: Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils for Skin and Health"
  • Attend one module or the entire series and use the same Essential Oils Kit!

Topics include:essential oil bottle surrounded by flowers

  • Definitions used with essential oils and aromatherapy
  • Evolution, biology and the human connection to essential oils
  • Safety guidelines
  • Essential oil quality and distillation
  • Introduction to essential oil chemistry
  • The olfactory system
  • Diversity of essential oil application
  • The art and science of blending essential oils
  • Synergy and essential oils
  • Aromatherapy dosage chart
  • 45 Essential oil profiles
  • Carrier bases used in blending and application
  • Therapeutic properties of carrier oils and bases
  • Medicinal application
  • Fragrance blending
  • Skin and beauty health
  • Holistic consultation and intake form
  • Product pricing, manufacturing and purchasing
  • Building your essential oil business

Upon completion of the seminar the student will be able to:

  • Understand the complexities and language of essential oil use.
  • Have a workable awareness and knowledge of essential oil chemistry.
  • Effectively choose between five application methods in aromatherapy.
  • Define synergy and create intentional essential oil synergies in blending
  • Define essential oils by their fragrance character
  • Select carriers and bases according to their therapeutic properties and chosen application method
  • Competently blend and apply essential oil formulas for therapeutic purpose and function
  • Formulate recipes for application methods, fragrance profiles and therapeutic results
  • Explain the use of essential oils according to government regulations and guidelines, the individual scope of practice, and ethics.
  • Develop essential oil products for sale
  • Start an essential oil business

Instructor BioImage on instructor: Jimm HarrisonJimm Harrison is a master aromatherapist with a background unlike any other expert in the field. Jimm has 30 years of extensive experience in botanical health and natural beauty, specializing in the therapeutic use of essential oils, and has studied and worked with some of the top essential oil experts in the world, including Kurt Schnaubelt, Pierre Franchomme, and Daniel Penoel.

Jimm's key areas of expertise include product development, formulation, and essential oil project management. He is a renowned skin and beauty therapist, co-founded a successful organic skin care company, and owned a holistic beauty spa in Massachusetts. He is known for resourcing the finest quality and sustainable natural ingredients, and his Signature Blend Essential Oil Treatments set a standard for quality and innovation.

Jimm Harrison is an acclaimed educator, and has presented at the Harvard University School of Medicine and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. He has conceived and developed an Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Certificate Program for Bastyr University School of Natural Medicine. He is a leading expert in natural essential oil skin care, and speaks across the country for ISPA, IECSC, and Premier Beauty Expo.

Jimm is the author of the comprehensive text book, Aromatherapy: Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils for Skin and Health, and Easy Essential Oil Chemistry: Unlock the Healing Potential of Essential Oils. He has written articles for Massage Magazine, Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa, Dermascope, and Skin Inc, and presented papers for the leading scientific conferences.

Please visit Jimm's website to find out more!

Sign up for the entire series using item number 9900 for $1999.00 and save $444.00 compared to taking each module separately!

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