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  Personal Growth

Second Saturdays
The course will cover a broad range of legal, financial, family and personal issues related to divorce in a compassionate yet logical way. With guidance by trained professionals, workshop participants will gain greater understanding of the complex divorce process. Topics may include Divorce Choices: (Mediation, Collaboration, Cooperative or Contested), Stages and Mechanics of Divorce, Child and Family Centered Divorce, Divorce Transition for Adults, Finance and Divorce: (Reaching Settlement and Future Planning Challenges and Opportunities) and Community Resources and Support: (Continuing Education, Career Counseling, Personal Development, Grief Counseling, Co-Parenting, etc). Each class is jointly taught by Family Attorneys, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts and Family Communication Specialists. The facilitators will be Attorney Sara Wahl, Financial Specialist Elaine Chan and Mental Health Specialist Anne Perry (subject to change).
CEUs: 0.4

Aug 8
1 Sat
Jennie Bouska
9743 - Add to cart
9:00AM - 1:00PM
Outreach Center Building 99
Bldg 99, Rm 140

Foundations of Investing
Highline College and Edward Jones believe financial education is an important step in helping you achieve a better future. That is why our Financial Workshop: Your Source for Financial Education offers clear and practical investing education in a convenient and comfortable format. By attending our workshop, you will gain a better understanding of the key principles of saving and investing and also learn specific strategies to help reach your long-term goals. A local estate-planning attorney, Robert Iddins, will be available to answer your questions Call today to reserve space for yourself and a guest for this educational financial workshop. *Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors are not estate planners and cannot provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your estate-planning attorney or qualified tax advisor regarding your situation. $29 fee includes one guest.
CEUs: 0

Sep 29 - Oct 20
4 Tue
Gary Amerson
9754 - Add to cart
6:00 - 8:00PM
Outreach Center Building 99
Bldg 99, Rm 131

Holocaust: Victims and Oppressors
The rise of Nazism remains one of the most studied phenomena in modern history. This course will examine the causes and consequences of the Holocaust. Events of the Holocaust will be examined, from the rise of Hitler to power, through the adoption of anti-Semitic laws and the implementation of the Final Solution. The Nazis used the tools of modern civilization (technology, bureaucracy and science) to persecute, alienate, transport and finally murder millions. Learning objectives are: ability to identify and analyze the causes leading up to the Holocaust; and the historical facts of the Holocaust; ability to identify, explain and discuss major issues, events and personalities during the period under study; appreciation of the universal lessons of the Holocaust; the ability to look past stereotyping and ignorance to ascertain the truth about the definition of a minority group. The class will be taught by Rick Harkavy, who is currently the rabbi of Bet Chaverim, a synagogue located in Des Moines. Previously Rabbi Harkavy was the executive director for a Holocaust Museum in New York.
CEUs: 1.6

Living Together, Married, Divorce: A legal guide for Before, During and After
This class will cover the basic law as it relates to couples living together, persons sharing housing, domestic partnerships and marriage. It will teach the student the differences between separate and community property and how their relationship might affect their personal and property rights. It would also discuss legal separations and dissolution of marriage with emphasis on property division, maintenance, restraining orders, child support obligations, etc. Class will also cover how pre-planning a termination of the relationship can be an effective way for the couple to move forward in the best financial way possible and when an attorney should be used as opposed to when "do it yourself" is appropriate.
CEUs: 0.5

Oct 19 - Oct 21
1 Mon 1 Wed
Kathy Rall
9762 - Add to cart
6:30 - 9:00PM
Outreach Center Building 99
Bldg 99, Rm 291

Basic Real Estate Law
The class will cover basic rental agreements and leases and what to look for in them. It will cover the tenant's basic rights and responsibilities and the rights and responsibilities of the landlord. Other topics will include: purchasing or selling a home, different types of financing and the advantages/disadvantages of each type, what to look for in the closing documents, how to read a title policy, how to invest in multi-family housing (duplex, 4-plex), and the pluses and minuses of condominiums, single family residences, as well as other issues . Students will also learn how to pick a property, select a mortgage broker and how to qualify and obtain financing.
CEUs: 0.5

Oct 20 - Oct 22
1 Tue 1 Thu
Kathy Rall
9764 - Add to cart
6:30 - 9:00PM
Outreach Center Building 99
Bldg 99, Rm 291

The Art of Aging Well- A 3 Hour Workshop for Seniors
This interactive workshop will provide guidelines, encouragement, and positive support to our senior community in learning how to thrive in later years. Aging well does not mean we will not change physically. It means we will develop and grow our inner worlds, seizing each moment and living it to the best of our abilities. We will learn the importance of vitality, purpose, and personal growth as we move into later phases of life. We will explore many of the questions people ask themselves as they grow older, such as: (1) Who am I when I'm not doing what I used to do, (2) What is my purpose in life, (3) How can I make a contribution to society, (4) What can I do to still feel valued? The ever-present danger of old age is that we may start acting old. Instead, we must learn to embrace our many years of experience and utilize them to continue to enrich our lives and to enrich the lives of others. It is the quality of what we think and what we express that makes us valuable members of society, not how fast or busy we are. Older years can be extraordinary years-active, mentally alert, and socially significant. Each moment is not to be lived casually now, but to be savored and appreciated in a whole new way. CEUs: 0.3.
CEUs: 0.3

Oct 24
1 Sat
Roberta Macdonald
9836 - Add to cart
9:00AM - 12:00PM
Outreach Center Building 99
Bldg 99, Rm 130

Running Out Of Money In Retirement
Like many people approaching retirement you may be looking for answers to a number of really important questions such as: Can I afford to retire? When should I start Social Security? Am I paying too much in taxes? What if I go into a nursing home? and perhaps most importantly Will I run out of money in retirement? In this course, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Matthew Jarvis will teach you how to answer each of these questions for your unique situation. You will also learn important strategies in each of the six key areas of retirement success. Taught in an entertaining and easy to understand format, this class will help you navigate the often confusing world of finance to make educated and informed decisions about your retirement.
CEUs: 0.3

Personal Finance- Money- Earn It, Keep It, Spend It
This class is intended to teach you the fundamentals of personal finance. It will include budgets, information about interest and how assets and debt grow relating to interest rates, how loans really work, insurance, and the different types of life insurance. I have several tricks to help you save money and to eliminate debt that are fun and yet highly effective. I will help you to determine where your money is going and how you can rearrange your financial life so that you may have money to invest for your children's college education, your retirement, to have money to travel or to purchase those things you desire.
CEUs: 0.6

Oct 27 - Oct 29
1 Tue 1 Thu
Kathy Rall
9766 - Add to cart
6:30 - 9:00PM
Outreach Center Building 99
Bldg 99, Rm 291





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