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  Personal Growth

Second Saturdays
The course will cover a broad range of legal, financial, family and personal issues related to divorce in a compassionate yet logical way. With guidance by trained professionals, workshop participants will gain greater understanding of the complex divorce process. Topics may include Divorce Choices: (Mediation, Collaboration, Cooperative or Contested), Stages and Mechanics of Divorce, Child and Family Centered Divorce, Divorce Transition for Adults, Finance and Divorce: (Reaching Settlement and Future Planning Challenges and Opportunities) and Community Resources and Support: (Continuing Education, Career Counseling, Personal Development, Grief Counseling, Co-Parenting, etc). Each class is jointly taught by Family Attorneys, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts and Family Communication Specialists. The facilitators will be Attorney Sara Wahl, Financial Specialist Elaine Chan and Mental Health Specialist Anne Perry (subject to change).
CEUs: 0.4

May 10
1 Sat
Jennie Bouska
9742 - Add to cart
9:00AM - 1:00PM
Outreach Center Building 99
Bldg 99, Rm 130
Jun 14
1 Sat
Jennie Bouska
9744 - Add to cart
9:00AM - 1:00PM
Outreach Center Building 99
Bldg 99, Rm 130

Foundations of Investing-No Cost Class
Looking for a better understanding of very basic investing practices? Foundations of Investing covers the key features of bonds, stocks, and mutual funds as well as the importance of proper asset allocation. This is a suitable class for all investors whether they are just starting to invest or those that are close to retirement. The class is spread over 3 Saturdays, and you can enroll at any time. This program is taught by a financial advisor from Edward Jones. This is a no cost class that is open to everyone within Highline Community Colleges service area. You can also register by calling 206-870-3785.
CEUs: 0

May 3-May 17
3 Sat
Gary Amerson
9752 - Add to cart
10:00 - 11:00AM
Outreach Center Building 99
Bldg 99, Rm 132

Parent Success: 99 Ways To Make It Happen
These interactive workshops are for parents with children of all ages. They target issues that are common to working parents, stepparents, grandparents and blended families. The instructor uses mostly Adlerian principles, such as: logical consequences, encouraging rather than discouraging methods, setting fair and clear boundaries and creating a safe and loving family environment. Parent Success: 99 Ways to Make It Happen, written by Roberta Macdonald, the instructor, will be used as a guide and the book will be yours to take home for future reference. The workshops provide a non-threatening, nurturing environment for parents to learn more positive and practical tools as they perform the valuable task of parenting
CEUs: 0.3

May 17
1 Sat
Roberta Macdonald
9750 - Add to cart
9:00AM - 12:00PM
Outreach Center Building 99
Bldg 99, Rm 131

Holocaust: Victims and Oppressors
The rise of Nazism remains one of the most studied phenomena in modern history. This course will examine the causes and consequences of the Holocaust. Events of the Holocaust will be examined, from the rise of Hitler to power, through the adoption of anti-Semitic laws and the implementation of the Final Solution. The Nazis used the tools of modern civilization (technology, bureaucracy and science) to persecute, alienate, transport and finally murder millions. Learning objectives are: ability to identify and analyze the causes leading up to the Holocaust; and the historical facts of the Holocaust; ability to identify, explain and discuss major issues, events and personalities during the period under study; appreciation of the universal lessons of the Holocaust; the ability to look past stereotyping and ignorance to ascertain the truth about the definition of a minority group. The class will be taught by Rick Harkavy, who is currently the rabbi of Bet Chaverim, a synagogue located in Des Moines. Previously Rabbi Harkavy was the executive director for a Holocaust Museum in New York.
CEUs: 1.6

Political Empowerment Workshop
Well known former State Representative and activist Velma Veloria and educator/activist Alice Tang Coil have teamed up again to offer another engaging and informative course on POLITICAL EMPOWERMENT. The interactive class will demystify the political and policy making process, enabling participants to recognize their own leadership potential, gain confidence in their ability to participate in the public sectors, and advocate for change. The goal of the workshop is to inspire community members who choose to lead and work for positive change at local, state, and national levels. This course offers Interactive learning opportunities with community leaders from the public and private sector who will discuss their inside stories to public leadership positions. Hands-on activities to assist participants with developing specific leadership skills and community organizing strategies. SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD on issues identified by participants. Add the course to Cart - A valid credit card must be used, it will not be charged. You can also call the Continuing Education department at 206-870-3785 to register.
CEUs: 0.8

May 10-May 17
2 Sat
9776 - Add to cart
9:30AM - 12:30PM
Main Campus
Bldg 7, Rm 0






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