About Continuing Education

As a public institution of higher education Highline College serves a diverse community in a multicultural world. Highline promotes student engagement, learning, achievement, diversity and globalism throughout the college and nearby local communities.

Our Mission: 
To enrich our community through personal and professional lifelong learning opportunities.

Continuing Education (CE) serves the community in many ways. For the professional looking to advance their career, CE offers a wide selection of certifications or specialized training opportunities that suits the busy lifestyle of adult workers. CE allows the traditional student other avenues to enhance an educational tract or to preview different skills before diving in too deep. CE also caters to the lifelong learner, this concept brings classes to people of all ages and standing in life. No matter the need, CE offers a flexible platform to learn, expand, and work within the confines of our modern day lifestyles.

Highline College Continuing Education works closely with faculty and staff to ensure that students are aware of the pathway opportunities that exist between the continuing education platform and the accreditation platform. For more information about these dynamic learning opportunities contact a representative today.